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FAQs about American to British English

What is the difference between US and UK English?

The main differences between US and UK English are in vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation. Some vocabulary distinctions include "truck" (US) vs. "lorry" (UK), and "elevator" (US) vs. "lift" (UK). Spelling differences include "color" (US) vs. "colour" (UK), and "organize" (US) vs. "organise" (UK). US English often uses "z" instead of "s" in words like "realize." Pronunciation varies, with US English generally being more rhotic (pronouncing "r" after vowels). Despite these differences, the two varieties are mutually intelligible, and the grammatical structure remains largely the same.

Is the service free to use, or are there any premium features?

Free to use :)

How accurate is the US to UK English converter?

The US to UK English converter aims to handle the majority of common differences between American and British English with a high degree of accuracy. However, some highly specialized vocabulary, slang terms, or obscure regional variations may not always be caught. If you notice any errors or have suggestions for improving the tool's accuracy, please email your feedback to The converter is regularly updated based on user input to provide the most reliable and comprehensive US to UK English conversion possible.

Can the converter handle different file formats, such as .doc, .pdf, or .txt?

The converter works by copying and pasting your content directly into the tool. It does not support uploading or converting files in formats such as .doc, .pdf, or .txt. To use the converter, you must copy the desired text from your original document and paste it into the provided input field. This allows the tool to process and convert the text you've provided. For the best results, ensure that you are copying plain text without any formatting or special characters.

How long does it take for the converter to process the text?

Processing time is almost instantaneous.

Is the converted text saved or stored anywhere?


How often is the converter updated to include new words or phrases?

When ever someone reaches out and asks!

Is there a character or word limit for the text that can be converted?

No, there is no character or word limit for the text that can be converted. You can enter as much text as needed and the tool will process it all. The conversion is done on our servers, so the length of the text is not constrained by your device's capabilities. Feel free to input anything from short phrases to entire documents or articles. The tool is designed to handle text of any size while maintaining accuracy and formatting in the conversion process.